About Us

"Most people overestimate what they can do in one year and underestimate what they can do in ten years"


Hello, everyone,  I am Asutosh Srivastava currently lives in Mumbai making money and success through property management. Certainly, you are surprised and eager to know about my wealth management through stratagem.

My professional journey shall give you an idea of in transit in the sector of property. I am a Chartered Accountant since 1989. In spite of coming from a Middle-class family due to my passion for real estate and knowledge made my perspective aiming for high jump through risk. Have built up many residential properties in Mumbai, Thane  Pune and NCR Area of the capital city New Delhi. I have also helped many professionals, entrepreneurs, businessmen and High Net worth Individuals in building their wealth through real estate investments.

I am trained by Robert Kiyosaki Enterprise Rich Dad Education Namely Tigrent Education LLC London United Kingdom. Also coached by UK Largest Landlord and Multi-Millionaire Kevin Alan Green of Wealth Coach who own more than 1300 houses in the United Kingdom who is a Professional Property Investor-International.

Made it  a benchmark alleviating individual Financial freedom in a period of 3 to 5 years and replace their Active Income with passive income so that they can work for their passion and not only for money. They don't have to do core 9.00 Am to 5:00 Pm Job for money but enjoy their life to fullest. "Create Huge wealth and Retire Young & Retire Rich" proclaiming  "Let their Money work for them rather than they working for Money".

Following, India being a Capital appreciation strategic country, my wealth grew but there were an improper cash flow and liquidity inadequacy. In search of cash flow, I attended many seminars and coaching which showed the path to United Kingdom where I got the formula of creating proficient cash flow and achieve financial freedom and now able to mix up the cash flow strategy of UK and capital appreciation strategy of India to accelerate the path to financial freedom.

Define me - Professional property investor first then Coach, Trainer, consultant and property resource for the UK. Working with few top real estate property investor, Mortgage broker, Letting agents and property managers in the UK. You can term me also as an Entrepreneur and have run much successful business and have helped to build startups for an affluent business.

Further, in India, my work is to identify potential properties which can double its value in 4 years and then adds into his portfolio and receives recurring passive income from the same.

You might be wondering what is interesting that long way I headed in property investment? Initially property investment was just a hobby then I realise potential business can be made out of this which will make an individual financial free, also I can train people with the zeal of achieving big in life and flourish their business or work as a retirement investment.

I am a hardcore follower of Robert Kiyosaki Rich Dad Poor Dad book fame and read almost all his books and follows his principles of wealth creation.

I love to motivate, inspire, educate people who are eager to make it big and can work divergently to success rather than follow the rat race and retire poor and unhealthy.

Investing into UK Residential Properties.

Our team consultants can help you achieve your property goals. Through many years of experience, we have learnt to see trends and spot potential where others might not, whilst also avoiding potential problems along the way. Our team are happy to share this knowledge with you so contact us today and set your life financial free.